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How to Make Your Dream Job Happen + My BIG Announcement! 

Are you like me where I knew what I wanted to do since I was eight? I used to have terrible insomnia when I was little and the only thing that would make me fall asleep is when I daydream about owning my own hotel with gazillions of pink decor by the beach. I will day dream every night on running the hotel, and every time it works… I’m asleep.  That may not be your exact dream job but I…

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How To End the Year Right and Start the New Year Strong

The whole year went by fast, don’t you agree? It certainly did for me. 2016 was my big year as I launched my blog, went away to Cayo Santa Maria to celebrate my longest relationship, and finding out that my mom had fatty liver with a prognosis of three-years to live. In spite of it going by fast, it was truly a beautiful year for me through its ups and downs. In fact, it’s the year that keeps on giving……

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White & Pink Christmas Tree Under $35

Under $35 for the most beautiful, chic white and pink Christmas Tree? Well, call me “budget queen” because that’s exactly what I did. I found this beautiful white Christmas Tree in the local liquidation store nearby my house. It’s 4 feet tall with pre-lit Christmas lights – it was beautiful. The moment I saw it buried in the overwhelming pile of Christmas Tree boxes, I knew I couldn’t go home without it…and that’s exactly what happened! I carried this with my…

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Christmas on the Air: Gray and Pink OOTD

Baby, it’s cold outside! The Christmas is here and the winter too. I’m guilty of being in denial … as you can see on my photos but truth be told, this shot was done outside in cold and under 0-degree celsius in over 2 hours. But, let’s not go ahead and sacrifice every single day of winter looking like we’ve given up hope in life. Let’s add pink in our wardrobe and doll up our typical sweater with different accessories.…

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TO Scoop: How To Celebrate Holidays in Toronto

Christmas lights, gifts, late shopping hours, hot chocolate with marshmallows and snow (saving the best for last). Yes, it’s time for me to talk about Christmas! Did you know? In the Philippines, they celebrate Christmas as soon as the calendar month ends with “ber” and in this case, it’s September. In Australia, their Christmas happens to be summer so don’t be surprised if someone is throwing a massive BBQ party. In Venezuela, they close down the streets on Christmas Eve so…

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Black Friday Deals – What I call “Retailer’s Dream”

I normally ignore Black Friday Deals but this year Canadians celebrated this retailer’s dream more than ever before. On a marketing perspective, I’ve seen so many ads that are just done strategically and appeals to buyer’s needs and wants. I also couldn’t resist so I caved into some of those deals especially on the brands that I love the most. I started my online shopping yesterday before it got too crazy but that did not help because I did more today…

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