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When City Girl Meets Island Life

A vivid imagery popped into my head as soon as I considered moving to the Cayman Islands. Stilettos on sand. Briefcase on one hand, and Sangria on the other. Imagine the surprise that life on the island is almost the same as life back in the city of Toronto.

Don’t get me wrong; there are differences. The bustling streets of the downtown core of Toronto offer fast-paced and energy-inducing vibes, at times making one feel erratic. It’s always loud and busy. People of varied shapes, sizes, and colours pass you by – majority with no care other than to get to their destination. So what’s a city girl to expect when she wakes up one day on an island?

The longer I tick the days on my calendar here in this peaceful-but-exciting place, the more island lifestyle is becoming a ritualistic norm. The rooster harmonizes with my alarm clock to wake me up, while the golden sunlight streams through the curtains. I go kickboxing three times a week. I do the typical 7.5 hours of corporate work. And at day’s end, unwind at home while Netflixing or take a walk by the beach. Of course, before heading to bed, letting my thoughts and creative ideas run wild through blogging. The weekends can be more adventurous. You can find me doing yoga by the beach. Certain moods call for driving around through the scenic route, looking at the pristine waters. Or, I could be mingling with the crowds at Camana Bay.

What truly sets the island life apart—at least for me—is the serene atmosphere my surroundings offer. The air brings a certain freshness that relaxes the soul. Living in the oh-too-beautiful Cayman Islands has been the ultimate work-life balance I craved for.

“Success is not just what you accomplish in your life; it is about what you inspire others to do.”

Marketer in Pink

With over eight years of professional experience, my strong Marketing know-hows have resulted in productive campaigns and high-quality strategic plans.

From a small tech-business, luxury hotels to global financial firms, I have traversed multiple industries to gain profound and extensive knowledge to get where I am. And I am not done learning. I don’t see success as being simply built from varying sizes of accomplishments. Rather, it is a foundation that has been constructed with a mixture of attempts and failures. What matters for me is that I don’t give up trying. I echo the determination in Audrey Hepburn’s quote: Nothing is impossible. The word itself is possible.

I’ve yet to decide if the Cayman Islands will become my permanent residence. The future holds so many possibilities. And for me, possibilities are boundless. What I am certain of is that I aspire to empower the younger generation to achieve their dreams. Through this blog, I want to deliver inspiration and influence many to reach far beyond their capabilities.

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