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Open Letter to the Jemmies Community

Hi Jemmies!

It’s been forever since I last had my one-on-one chat with all of you, unless my long caption on my last Instagram post on 4 March counts. To reiterate what I wrote there, I took a little break from posting on my social media feeds not because of my lack of content, time or inspiration but because of my desire to spend the last seven months of my 20s living in the moment and embracing what life has to offer – all the ups and downs. On the last evening of my 20s, I want to be able to look back on this decade with a smile and say “I’ve fulfilled whatever my heart desired with humility, appreciation and risks” followed with the glee of excitement and open arms for my 30s.

I know age is only a number, but to me, there is more to that. It’s about closing one door with fulfillment and opening another door with appreciation.

I will be back on Instagram starting 4th of May, making that a full two-months hiatus on IG feed, however, I will not be in full force on all of my social media platforms until my 30th birthday which will be on Wednesday, July 18. This is the day where I am going to launch the new look-and-feel of my blog along with a new tagline. Put this on your calendar, so you can celebrate this very special day with me as I give myself this gift of knowledge, new adventure and again appreciation for God’s gift. I mean, I owe it to Him that I have these skills and talents so I shall use this platform to inspire many generations.

I want to thank you ALL for following along regardless of my inconsistency and for being there for all my adventures. You all have inspired me to be a better person every day and I can only wish that I am able to do the same.

Lots of love,

What Is My Ultimate Goal This Year?

I have four goals this year:

  • To live an active lifestyle
  • To stay positive regardless of any life challenges
  • To get into a routine
  • To save $$$ as we live a practical life

What Have I Been Up to?

If you have been following me on my Instagram stories you will be updated on what is keeping me busy but to sum it up, check out my month-by-month rundown below.

January: I’ve been preparing myself mentally and emotionally on a major lifestyle change that I’ve been wanting to do for the last three years, most especially last year when I was faced with various life scenarios that were beyond my control. I had enough of my never-ending wish list and knew that it’s time for me to execute. I was building up my drive and compiling reasons of why I should be thankful as I started my gratitude journal. At this very moment, life keeps throwing curveballs to try and put me off, but I refused.

February: We were hosting my lil sister on the island then afterward Antonio and I was faced with uncertainty. We parted ways without knowing if he may or may not return to the island. I used this as motivation to start a healthy eating lifestyle paired with my starting affection in boxing. To my surprise, my determination overpowered and I think I am heading on a right track…

Life keeps throwing curveballs to try and put me off, but I refused.

March: I took this lifestyle change challenge up a notch and started the Whole30 diet. I love this because it is not only a diet phase but I see this as a long-term change. It also taught me so much about food and clearly opened my eyes to preservatives. After 30 days, I felt like a brand new person – I am more energetic, happier, calm and definitely heading on the right path. I felt hopeful knowing that this journey isn’t an overnight fix but I am feeling a lot closer from when I started. On a different note, I also received the news that Antonio is returning to the island.

April: My adventure continues – I’ve learned to discipline myself and try to find the balance or what my boss always say “everything in moderation.” I must admit, this month has been tougher than normal because of the things that are happening around us – there are deaths, accidents and tensions but there are also stronger relationships, great news and celebrations. We simply need to remind each other to cherish every moment as we do not know what will happen next – it’s really not up to us, but what we can do is make it count.

93 Days from Now

It’s time to wrap this up.

Thank you for taking a few minutes of your precious day and sharing this moment with me digitally.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars and watch out for the relaunch of my blog on July 18. This will be my personal gift to myself and all of you.


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