My Birthday Week | The Corner Place, L.A. Boil, House Party and Bent

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My Birthday Week | The Corner Place, L.A. Boil, House Party and Bent

If you have been following me for months (or my whole life), you know that birthdays is not just another day for me. It’s the day, week and month that I’ve been waiting for! A  must countdown is in place. Yes, I’m getting older and yes, I am slowly embracing that age is just a number but let’s move on with that topic and chat more about how I celebrated my birthday this year.

Over the years, memories and your loved ones are the most important part of your life. Remember that! With time going by faster than normal, I made sure that I spend quality time with people who matters to me. Typically, I throw a huge gathering and invite everyone I know in one room and that was it! This time, I decided to separate my work friends, my circle of friends, family and ended it with a relaxing dinner with my love.

It Ain’t That Kind of Corner

Spent my Thursday night on The Corner Place with my oh-so-awesome colleagues who celebrated this very special evening with me  in spite of our busy schedules and 98% chance of rain and thunderstorm warning. This is my first time doing a birthday drinks with my work crew and it is only fitting as they become my second family (Who are my work dad, work brother and work sister out there? Raise your hand!). A table filled with A-type personalities, it’s great to see them roll up their sleeves and come together as one over inexpensive drink options and delicious Asian-inspired food selections. The evening ended with us huddling under a huge umbrella and still drinking under the rain. I’ve only envisioned my childhood years playing in the rain – favourite moment ever!

For The Love of Cracking

One of the trending restaurant in Toronto today is seafood “eating-with your-hands” kinda restaurant and when I found out that there is one opening on the West End, well count me in! We checked out L.A. Boil for the group of 19 people and I must tell you – the service and food were superb! I wouldn’t have chosen any other restaurants for my birthday dinner with friends.

I did not realize that Friday was their first Friday of opening yet they’ve managed to accommodate my big group and WOWed all of us. The owner of the restaurant passed by to greet us, servers were there to replenish our drinks, walk us through the experience and above all that the food came out fast and delicious! One thing I loved about this place compared to Toronto’s famous boil option is the restaurant size. It can accommodate tons of people and this means less waiting for a lot of us. Wait, did I mention that you place your order on the iPad? *tech geeks saying hallelujah*

Clearly, I can blab on how amazing this place is but I will stop now. You can see it for yourself.- be sure to visit the place until Septemeber 2016 for 10% discount. Again, I want to thank all the staff for making my birthday special! If only I can go here everyday for dinner 🙂

Delicious seafood options at LA Boil Mississauga West
Delicious seafood options at LA Boil Mississauga West

My Safe Place 

I cracked opened my 1L of Icelandic vodka from my last Europe trip and spend an evening filled with Filipino dishes, bubble tea and an amazing company of family and friends. This night is more personal than the rest – it was laid back yet very fun. Most of my family drove from Hamilton and Brantford to spend this awesome day with. This is also a first time that someone (my cousin – A & A) picked something on my wishlist as a gift! Yay!

Lee What? Tarzan What? Relaxing Dundas Square Mood

I’ve been dying to try Susur Lee’s famous Singaporean-Slaw for years now but just never had time to (I know that is not an excuse). Luckily, my love made me choose where to eat today. Yes, I picked Bent. We spent our evening on the patio where we enjoyed sharing plates on top of the slaw. The aroma of the slaw was incredible. For those of you thinking of trying this out, be sure to share it with someone. It’s more than enough for two people. We spend the rest of the evening chatting, bugging each other, watched the Tarzan movie at Cineplex and ended this beautiful night people watching in the midst of Dundas Square.

After a lot of food adventures and for reading my birthday festivities, you deserve a pat on the back. I want to thank you all for continuously supporting me in everything I do from the harsh love to overwhelming love. A birthday isn’t just a simple day. This is a day where you cash in all the love, say thank you to those who are there for you and also recognize your life lessons to help you become a better person — at least for me, this is how I look at it.

Ps. You better be reading this outdoors or by the beach because this beautiful Summer weather is not worth wasting!

The Day After My Birthday 

Like any other occasion, me-time is the most important part. At least that is how it goes for me. I ended my birthday festivities and sneaked out during lunch at Purebeauty Salon & Spa and treat myself to a deep tissue massage. Oh boy! I tell you, it was a treat. It was the perfect ending to my birthday festivities and my way to appreciate myself from all I’ve achieved and gone through for the last year. A new year ahead – bring it on!

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