Three Digital Marketing Jargon You Need To Learn

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Three Digital Marketing Jargon You Need To Learn

What truly inspired me to launch my blog this year was the excitement to use this platform in inspiring the younger generation and share my love for Marketing. Over the years, people perceived Marketing in two ways – scary or too much fun (I blame Mad Men-like TV shows for this). But nowadays, the digital evolution took Marketing in a whole new light. Thank you, Digital Gods!

Ads stopped harassing you. Instead, it shows up when you need, want and intend it. Ever wonder why your favourite retail store promotions are on the corner slots of a web page you’re reading? Thank Remarketing for that. (What is Remarketing? Read more below.)

Every single day, someone I bump into say something along the lines of “I wish to learn more about what you do” or “I’d love to shadow you for a day.” Well, I will make that easy for you. I will let you in three Digital Marketing Jargons that could turn you into a pro:


As I was saying earlier, Remarketing is a form of advertising that taps into your intent of a certain product or service. This is also referred to as retargeting and the most popular way of advertisement. This technique allows advertisers to reach out to audiences who already visited their website but did not make a purchase on a product or service. In my opinion, this is a brilliant method; a potential client will grow more interest on a specific item and is more likely to purchase.  Someone who clicked on your ad or visited your site in one form or another is more likely to purchase a product or service from you.

How Remarketing works?


Image Source: Google Canada

Quick Tip: If you are tired of seeing similar ads, clear your cache. Go to your browser > history setting and select ‘clear cache.’


Also known as Search Engine Optimization, SEO is the foundation of Digital Marketing. This is the reason why Google became Google and every business owner and manager should be aware of this jargon. It a process of maximizing one’s website visitors or pageviews by ensuring that the site appears high on the search engine results page (SERP).  The algorithm of SEO changes over time due to Google updates, however, the quality of your website and the links related to your business will not change.

“Your goal is to be on the first page of Google.” – Jem

In short, you don’t mess with SEO. Build the credibility of your website using quality information online and your website will eventually make it to the first page of search engine.


Analytics is a term every manager, leader or anyone should be aware of.  It’s the game changer of any Digital Marketing. Let alone the biggest buzzword. In today’s data-drive environment, Analytics defines the success of your campaigns. The most important analytics tool is Google Analytics and then the rest follows the same concept. It is used to understand the behaviour of your website visitors and use that information to capture the right audience or modify your ad/website promotions, content, and layout. To make this familiar to you, Facebook and Twitter came out with their own version too.

In short, do not invest in anything that does not have a tracking tool. We are now in the digital stage where we can track the user who visited your website and return a week later to purchase your product/service.


Image Source: Greenido, Google Images


Image Source: Twitter Blog

Move along, apply what you learned and chat with some Digital Marketing professionals.

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