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Ask JEM: Your Voice is Important To Me

You are important to me — your opinion and questions.

I want to open up my site for questions and topics from my readers.

One of my favourite features from Tumblr is the ability to send questions to other Tumblr users. I used to be up all night answering questions and continuously hoping I don’t run out of questions. This must also be the reason why I love playing 21 questions (I can assure you my partner do not agree with this game).

Send an email to [email protected] for questions about Marketing, travel, career, life, fashion (I’ll do my best on this!), and even relationship. Depending on the question, I will respond privately or use it as one of my blog post topics.


Q1. What’s your favorite type of foreign food? 

Japanese. You can’t turn down sushi and sashimi!

Q2. Who knows you the best?

Without a doubt, my mom and my big sister. I do not even need to say a word, they can tell what I am thinking or feeling.

Q3. Do you read up on your destination or do you wing it?

I’ve travelled enough with a different crowd (partner, family and even alone) to allow myself to do things spontaneously. However, I at least read up articles on transportation and safety information of my destination.

Q4. Which Social Media Platform do you think everyone should have?

Facebook. It is still the #1 Social Media platform. In addition, Facebook continues to improve their business model and elevating their ads management platform which appeals to businesses.

Q5. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A mother of two (maybe three) with a successful career in Marketing and continuously inspiring younger generations to pursue their dreams.

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